Disney Signs & Phrases in ASL

Plus Some Tips To Help Your Disneyland Trip Be More Deaf Friendly

Where are all the Disney lovers? We at ASL Wonder have our hands raised up high! Danicia and Deidra practically lived off of Disney Sing-Along videos and cassette tapes as young kids. Under the Sea anyone? That jam was on repeat in our household growing up (and entirely too loud…a benefit of being CODAs, ha!). Dacia collected Disney VHS movies like nobody’s business; we practically had the Disney “vault” at our fingertips! So as you can see, our love for Disney runs deep, which is why we couldn’t wait to teach you some Disney signs! 


Although most of the characters in the park communicate using non-ASL gestures, some of them do know a few signs! In our last magical Disney experience, several of the characters were able to sign their name sign and “I Love You.” It was so amazing watching the characters interact with our mother through signing and gesturing (helping her to feel included in the magic).


When we met Goofy, who happens to be Dacia’s favorite Disney character, he knew many signs and it made for one out of this world experience we will never forget! Gawrsh it was awesome!

Did you know that Disneyland has some great resources for guests who are Deaf or hard of hearing? The last time we went, back in 2018, we had a fantastic time, in part, because of the wonderful interpreters at the park. As CODAs we often find ourselves as the default interpreters (a role that we are happy to fill in order to give our mom equal access), but at Disneyland our entire family was able to fully enjoy the performances and events because of the highly skilled American Sign Language interpreters!


You can pick up a list of ASL interpreted performances online at Disneyland’s website here, or pick it up at any of the park Guest Relations locations. If you’re not able to make the scheduled Sign Language interpreted performances, you can request an interpreter for non-designated days with advanced notice (currently you must give them at least 14 days). More info about that, as well as captioning and assistive listening services, can be found here as well.


We had SO much fun collaborating with our amazing niece/cousin Taryn (the queen of all things Disney!), to deliver you some fabulous Disney content. You can check her out on Instagram here. She’s your gal for Disney tips, tricks, and fun history. Hop on over and give her a follow, you won’t be disappointed!


It’s our hope that your efforts in learning these Disney signs and phrases in ASL, will help your Deaf or hard of hearing loved ones enjoy the magic of Disney a little more. Now let’s get started!


Disneyland & Disney World

Phrase: "I love going to Disneyland!"

Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Phrase: "Mickey and Minnie love to dance!"

Donald Duck & Daisy Duck

Phrase: "Donald Duck and Daisy Duck are sweethearts"


Phrase: "My favorite Disney character is Goofy! Who is your favorite?"

Princess & Castle

Phrase: "We made it to Disneyland! Who did we see? Here's the list: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and the princesses! Wow!"

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