ASL Winter Wonderland

Brrrr! Anyone else feeling like wrapping up in a warm blanket with a steamy mug of hot chocolate, and taking a long winter’s nap? These days, we sure do! Although we’d love to be able to hand you a warm drink and blanket, we’ve got the next best thing…lets warm up those hands and fingers with some ASL practice!


Winter time is a beautiful time of year, especially when everything is coated in a perfect blanket of fluffy white snow. If you have kids you’ll know that perfect blanket of snow is just begging to be turned into a chilly playground of winter creativity! We’re here to help you incorporate some ASL fun into the mix with some winter signs and phrases!


Can you imagine the winter fun to be had by being able to communicate clearly to your loved ones using American Sign Language? Start a snowball fight, build a snowman, or even create some beautiful snow angels together! Don’t forget to put on gloves instead of mittens and bring hand warmers to keep those fingers toasty. Check out the videos below to begin learning how to create an ASL winter wonderland with your family!


The ASL signs for winter that you will learn in the following videos are: winter, snow, hot chocolate, frozen, soup, sled, snowball, snowboard, slip, ice skate, snow angel, snowman, cold and the various signs for snow clothes. Enjoy!


Phrase: “There are four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Currently, it’s winter.”


Phrase: “I wonder if there is a snow flurry outside? I’ll go look out the window to check. Wow, it’s really coming down!”

Hot Chocolate

Phrase: "Hot chocolate is my favorite!"


Phrase: “As temperatures drop, the water in the lake freezes over.”


Phrase: “Soup is on the menu for dinner tonight. It’s so warm and comforting!”


Phrase: “The large sledding hill was a little unnerving, but I went for it. As I was zooming down the hill on the sled, I lost control and flipped!”


Phrase: “I made a snowball and threw it at my friend. Just then my friend’s snowball whizzed past my head.”


Phrase: “Which is your favorite, skiing or snowboarding? My favorite is snowboarding.”


Phrase: “The ground was covered in a layer of ice. The boy ran, slipped, and fell onto his side.”

Ice Skate

Phrase: “People who are learning to ice skate typically have a difficult time and end up falling.”

Snow Angel

Phrase: “Look at that beautiful snow angel!”


Phrase: “Let’s build a snowman!”

Cold & Snow Clothes

Snow Clothes: Hat, Boots, Jacket, Gloves

Phrase: "When it's cold outside we need clothes to keep us warm like..."

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