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Ring in the New Year With ASL

Plus a Few Tips to Make Your Celebrations a Little More Deaf Friendly

Happy New Year! Join us in celebrating as we teach you a few new signs to help you ring in the New Year with a little ASL! Wish those you love who may be Deaf or hard of hearing a “Happy New Year” in ASL, and be sure to include them in your celebrations by playing Deaf friendly games and activities. Our favorite Deaf friendly games to play together in a large group are Minute to Win It games and Telestrations.


Many of us love to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, just don’t forget to turn on the captions for your Deaf or hard of hearing family and friends. That way they can enjoy the Times Square festivities along with everyone else!  Also, be sure to keep those lights turned up so that it makes communicating easier and reduces eye strain.


In each video below you will learn a New Years sign from one of the ASL WonderKids and a member of our team. You will also find helpful information in the caption below each video explaining the handshape, movement, and tips to help you remember the signs. The ASL New Years signs that you will learn in the following videos are: “Happy New Year,” “Goal,” and “Kiss.” 


Our goal is to help you learn more ASL this coming year so that you can communicate with those you love. Another big goal we have is to complete our fun and engaging ASL course for kids and families, coming soon! Sign up here to be notified of our progress and be the first to know when it launches. We hope your goals include learning more American Sign Language and we are excited to help you along your journey! 

Happy New Year!

To sign “happy” use your dominate hand in an open five handshape to tap your chest upward twice. For the sign, “new” your non-dominant hand is a flat, palm facing up. Using the back of your slightly curved dominant hand, make a scooping motion into the non dominant hand. To sign, “year” make a closed fist for both hands. Hold your non dominant fist stationary in front of your chest like the sun, and your dominant hand makes one full revolution around the non dominant hand like the earth.


With both hands, form a pointing handshape using your index fingers. Aim the index finger of the dominant hand toward the top of the index finger of the non dominant hand.  Move the dominant hand toward the non dominant hand, but stop just before the fingers touch. This is to symbolize working toward something and making progress.


For the sign, “kiss” you start with two flattened “o” handshapes. There are various ways to sign this, but we will go over two of them. For the first, pucker your lips, and your hands meet together as if they are lips. The second variation is to start by touching your dominate flattened “o” hand to your lips. Then, touch your two hands together like previously described.

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