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Let's learn together!


ASL WonderKids Course

Do you and your kids want to learn American Sign Language together?

Your whole family can learn inside our exciting course that's coming soon!

Our fun and engaging ASL WonderKids course includes:

Adventure Videos

Join us on fun adventures packed full of American Sign Language vocabulary and phrases

Flying Hands Club

The club is where we'll learn and practice ASL vocabulary and phrases from some of our kid members! We even have a top secret "signshake" that we use to enter the clubhouse!

Unique Practice

Practice your receptive and expressive ASL skills in fun and interesting ways!

Why ASL Wonder?

Our course will be ready in Spring of 2024 – sign up to be notified of our progress and be the first to know when we launch!

Click below to learn more signs!





Click below to learn more signs!

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