Baseball Signs in ASL


Throughout history, Deaf individuals have thrived and become famous in a variety of professions, sports included! Check out our Deaf History Month post to learn more about several of these important people and the impact they’ve made. 


Towards the end of Hoy’s career he battled against a fellow Deaf professional baseball player, pitcher Luther Taylor. 

General Baseball Signs

ASL Signs: Baseball, Team, Game

Correlating Phrase

Phrase: "My baseball team is the Giants."

Baseball Actions

ASL Signs: Catch, Throw, Hit, Strike, Home Run

Correlating Phrase

Phrase: "I hit the ball far, and got a home run!"


ASL Signs: Pitcher, Catcher

Correlating Phrase

Phrase: "My position is catcher."


ASL Signs: First Base, Second Base, Short Stop, Third Base, Left Field, Center Field, Right Field

Correlating Phrase

Phrase: "My position is first base."

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