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*Thank you for respecting our work – please do not share these printables and videos with others outside of your household or classroom.*

Find ASL videos for the routines in each category by clicking on the buttons below:

Morning Routines

Make your bed

Eat breakfast

Get dressed

Brush your teeth

Go to the bathroom

Put on backpack

Brush your hair

Get in the car

Go to school

Get on the bus

Afternoon / Afterschool Routines

Eat lunch

Play a game

Quiet time

Do homework

Play outside

Wash your hands

Play inside

Take a nap

Eat a snack

Put away lunch

Evening Routines

Time for bed

Take a bath/shower

Put on your pj's

Brush your teeth

Read a book

Go to the bathroom

Eat dinner

Brush your hair

Pack your lunch

Say your prayers

Chores/Family Responsibilities

Sweep the floor

Put away clothes

Clean the bathroom

Feed the pet

Clean the table

Put away silverware

Take out the trash


Clean up/Pick up toys

Clean your room

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