Pah! Printable Bundle

The Pah! Printable Bundle includes 41 phrase cards in American Sign Language that cover morning, afternoon, and evening routines. It also includes common chores/family responsibilities. As a bonus, we have included supporting videos for each phrase to help clarify signs and to provide you as a caregiver with an extra resource.


The 41 American Sign Language phrase cards included in the Pah! Printable Bundle cover morning, afternoon, and evening routines as well as common chores/family responsibilities. It’s our hope that it will help your family grow closer through the use of ASL while working to improve your routines.


We know that learning American Sign Language by looking at a photo can be tricky. That’s why we have also included supporting videos for each phrase in order to provide caregivers with extra practice and clarification. The videos are sorted by category (Morning Routines, Afternoon Routines, Evening Routines, and Chores/Family Responsibilities), which makes it easy to quickly access a phrase that you may need a little help or practice with.


The possibilities for these ASL phrase cards are endless. Here are a few ideas for use:

  • Create a “sign language rich” environment by posting cards in areas where routines or chores take place
  • Use cards in chore or routine charts with sticky back velcro so that children can remove each task as they complete it
  • Create routine schedules using the cards in pocket charts or by using magnetic boards; this gives ease to change out routines based on the time of day or what works for your schedule per day
  • Fold up chore cards and place in a “chore jar” so that children can draw out 1-2 chores per day to work on (or however many works best for your family) 🙂
  • You could even cut the individual signs out (they are separated in squares/rectangles in each phrase) and practice putting together phrases with your child

We recommend printing on card stock and/or laminating for durability.


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